Doulas of North America (DONA) states the following fact: “Studies have shown that when doulas attend birth, labors are shorter with fewer complications, babies are healthier and they breastfeed more easily.” Further studies (shared here from show the following when doulas support women during labor and delivery:

  • 50% fewer Cesarean sections

  • Reduction in the use of forceps or vacuum by 40%

  • 60% fewer requests for epidurals

  • 40% reduction in the use of synthetic oxytocin for inductions or augmentations

  • 30% reduction in use of pain medication

  • 25% reduction in labor length

  • Increased rates of nursing at six weeks post-partum (51% vs. 29%)

  • Higher self-esteem (74% vs. 59%), less anxiety (28% vs. 40%) and less depression (10% vs. 23%) at six weeks post-partum