And... we're back!

I haven't blogged in a hot minute....

2018 is here. Wow.

We moved again this past New England. And I love it.

As I write this now, I am looking out of my third floor office window to a dreamy sunset over a snowy winter wonderland of a backyard set next to the ocean with a dazzling view of the famous Newport bridge. It feels so surreal every time I look out the if it's a backdrop and this isn't reality. I can already imagine the tears that will fall from my face when we drive away from this house in June off to a new home....again.

I have new plans for this blog....or journal as I prefer to refer to it as. While photography will continue to be the main focus of this space and my work, there is more I want to create and share here as well. As I think ahead to all this year will bring, top #lifegoals are: health, happiness, adventure, love, and creation.

I wish you all the best in your new year as well ~

Happy Holidays!