Photo credit: Rachel Abelson Photography

Photo credit: Rachel Abelson Photography

Pregnancy is an exciting and anxious time, especially for families expecting their first baby!

There are so many decisions to make and loads of brand new information filling one's mind..... what kind of birth should we plan? Where should we birth our baby? Who should we choose to support us during labor and birth and post-partum? What should we name our baby? What kind of prenatal care should we seek? Should we choose a doctor or a midwife? How do we choose which care provider is best for us? What will the baby's nursery look like? What kind of crib should we choose? Which stroller is the best? Which car seat is the safest? What are baby carriers? Cloth diapers or paper diapers? How many onesies do we need? Where is our baby going to sleep?

The questions are endless. The nights are already sleepless.

But how many expecting families ask "should we hire a doula?"

Maybe instead they ask "what is a doula?"

Who you choose to be in your birthing space is the single most important decision you will make regarding your baby's birth.