Expecting Parents

Becoming a parent is an exciting and overwhelming chapter of life. Choosing how and where and with whom you bring your baby into the world is a heavy decision in our modern world of maternity care. Contrary to common beliefs and practices, the U.S. is not doing what is best for mothers and babies during labor and birth as indicated by numerous studies and data, yet spending the most money when compared to all other developed nations. Most routine prenatal testing as well as standard care during labor are not only disruptive to the birthing process but create complications leading to harmful interventions for mothers and babies. Additionally, many families report a loss of control in the decision-making surrounding the care of themselves and their babies.

When about 98% of births take place in hospitals, it is imperative parents know their rights and options while giving birth. It’s not enough in our modern day of obstetrics to purely rely on hospital staff to ensure you are receiving the best support and care for yourself and your baby. Knowledge is power and power should always be in the hands of the pregnant and birthing person when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth. I offer private, in-home childbirth education sessions to expecting parents to help you plan for your baby’s birth. In these sessions, I give you the knowledge and tools necessary to fully understand the best care for you and your baby, your right to informed consent and refusal, how to avoid birth trauma, and how to discuss decisions and interventions with your care provider in a healthy conversation. Group classes also available upon request at a discounted rate.

Birth Professionals

As birth professionals, our job is to support mothers and families as they transition to parenthood or add more children to their family. How can we best do that? By fully understanding their rights as not only patients but as human beings. With insurance policies and liability concerns as a driving factor, standard obstetric care has moved away from what is scientifically best for mothers and babies. Evidence-based care is no longer “the norm” but rather the “diamond in the rough”. It is our job as birth support people to help contribute to the movement of improving prenatal and birthing care for American families, and families worldwide.

Often, when this discussion comes up, many doulas and other birth support people become uncomfortable, or even defensive, as it is assumed this is a “fight” or a “battle” in a clash between doctors or nurses and doulas or midwives, when really we are all on the same team: supporting mothers. Having healthy conversations about improving maternity care in America for everyone and the stats related is the only way positive change will happen. My goal is to provide birth professionals with the knowledge they need to initiate or facilitate these healthy conversations and assist their clients in receiving the care they both need and deserve. I offer one-on-one professional sessions to discuss trauma-informed care, patient rights, obstetric violence, and how to discuss these topics with your expecting families to ensure everyone - especially their care provider - is on the same page in caring for your client and their new baby.

Childbirth Education

If you are a Childbirth Educator in the Hudson Valley or NYC, I am available to hire for a one-class session, or even a one or two-hour session to discuss our current maternity care system, patient rights, birth trauma, obstetric violence, discussing decisions with your care provider, and other related topics. This is designed as a session to add on to your already structured curriculum, as bonus information. For first-time parents expecting a baby, there may be little to no knowledge regarding standard maternity care and what their rights are as patients. For second-time parents, there may be some trauma processing needed before bringing another baby into their family depending on their first baby’s birth as well as some information about selecting a trauma-informed care provider. These sessions can be customized to the specific audience and are also structured to allow for plenty of questions from expecting parents.

Fees are discussed and customized based on your needs for your classes/clients.