Pre-natal Support

  • provide resources for informed decision-making

  • available via text/phone/email for emotional support and/or guidance

  • available to attend prenatal appointments with care provider if needed/wanted

  • two visits to discuss birth plan, options, decisions, concerns etc

Labor and Birth

  • on-call support beginning two weeks before “due date”

  • continuous support beginning when mother requests through early post-partum period

  • protection of laboring woman’s birth space and personal wishes regarding herself and her baby

  • emotional and physical support of laboring mother

Post-partum Support

  • support with nursing

  • two visits to mother’s home in the weeks following birth for support as needed or wanted

  • guidance in making decisions

PLACENTA ENCAPSULATION is offered for a fee of $200.00.

You do not have to be a birth photography or doula client for this service although all doula clients receive a discounted rate of $150.00 for encapsulation.