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photographer + doula


photo: Vanessa Brack

photo: Vanessa Brack

Professionally: photographer, doula and birth activist

Personally: nomad, mother and aspiring future novelist

things i fancy: being outside, good books, great coffee, journaling, traveling, the mountains, riding horses, pick-up trucks, big cities, live music, and dancing.



The journey towards transforming my photography into work began to emerge in 2008. I was asked to photograph the military homecoming of a close friend and her husband after a long deployment. I studied film photography in high school and very much enjoyed the dark room yet it was not until that homecoming shoot that I realized what a rewarding form of art photography is...telling a story from behind the lens, freezing those moments forever.  I launched Spot of Serendipity in 2010.

My gear of choice is Nikon cameras and lenses, swapping in some of my father's vintage 1970's lenses from his old 35mm. My work authentically reflects what your eye beholds. I typically work with available light and I prefer to shoot what is organically happening rather than posing images. While I specialize in documenting birth, my in-home lifestyle shoots capture the authenticity of your life, your children, your family…. real and raw.


I started doula certification after I became a mother in 2012. Following my experience leading up to my first daughter’s birth and after hearing other mother's birthing experiences in later months, I knew working as a doula was something I had to pursue. Mothers need support during pregnancy, birth and motherhood...and that's what doulas do.

I work alongside a network of professional and experienced doulas from all over the world through Childbirth International, an incredible global organization. I specialize in home birth, post-partum doula support, and birth trauma processing.

Lindsay Askins | Photographer + Doula



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