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Hello! I am a professional photographer, birth and post-partum doula, and spend a lot of my time advocating for women’s rights in pregnancy and childbirth. My education and professional background includes a degree in Animal Science from Texas A&M University. I worked as a veterinary tech for a decade, breeding horses, and later taught high school science. After a small teaching career, I launched Spot of Serendipity Photography in 2010. After the birth of my first daughter in 2012, my artistic work organically shifted toward photographing births… and I subsequently began doula certification with Childbirth International in 2013.

Serving as a birth doula and witnessing first-hand the state of maternity care in America quickly led me into advocacy work. From 2013 to 2016, I worked with Improving Birth, helping to coordinate local rallies and facilitate the #breakthesilence campaign photographically. In 2015, I co-created Exposing the Silence Project with Birth Monopoly highlighting obstetric violence and birth trauma nationwide. I believe the majority of maternal mental health issues and perinatal mood disorders can be improved - or even prevented - by educating both families and care providers on the effects of obstetric violence and associated birth trauma.

As a doula, I draw on my knowledge and experience from breeding horses (also mammals like us!) in supporting mothers during pregnancy and birth. I deeply value a mother's intuition and the innate knowledge that women are designed to grow, birth, and nourish babies. My first priority as a doula is supporting a mother's power and autonomy during one of the most important chapters of her life, which results in empowerment and confidence in motherhood.
I currently offer professional birth photography and placenta encapsulation in addition to providing birth doula support for home birth families, and post-partum doula support to all families. I passionately serve families seeking trauma-informed care for pregnancies and births following a previous traumatic experience, as well as work with local and national therapists to connect parents with the support they need to process traumatic births from obstetric violence. After four years of hearing, recording, and photographing families living with trauma from obstetric violence, I am currently offering private consulting as well as group classes to other doulas and birth professionals on obstetric violence and birth trauma both in the local NYC/Hudson Valley area and nationwide (virtually).

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birth & lifestyle Photography

The journey towards transforming my photography into work began to emerge in 2008. I was asked to photograph the military homecoming of a close friend and her husband after a long deployment. I studied film photography in high school and very much enjoyed the dark room yet it was not until that homecoming shoot that I realized what a rewarding form of art photography is...telling a story from behind the lens, freezing those moments forever. 

My gear of choice is Nikon cameras and lenses, swapping in some of my father's vintage 1970's lenses from his old 35mm. My work authentically reflects what your eye beholds. I typically work with available light and I prefer to shoot what is organically happening rather than posing images.

While I specialize in documenting birth, my in-home lifestyle shoots capture the authenticity of your life, your children, your family…. real and raw.

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doula services

Following my own experience with my first pregnancy and after hearing other mother's birthing experiences in later months, I knew working as a doula was something I had to pursue. Mothers need support during pregnancy, birth and motherhood in a culture that does not acknowledge or realize that need.

My philosophy regarding pregnancy, birth, and parenthood stems from a physiological mammalian perspective. While nothing in our lives is 100% risk-free, birth is safest when left undisturbed. In the rare case there is a need for obstetric intervention, I believe all mothers/parents are fully capable of making informed and educated decisions regarding the care of themselves and their babies. I work hard to promote and support that capability for my clients.

My professional colleagues include a network of professionals from all over the world. I specialize in home birth doula support, post-partum doula support, and birth trauma processing. All families are welcome.


professional support

For both birth professionals and parents, my services include private consulting sessions - in person, on the phone, or virtually - to discuss the topics of obstetric violence, birth trauma, patient rights, and how to prevent or address the violation of rights in the delivery room.

In addition to private sessions, I also offer Birth Monopoly’s Know Your Rights group classes to local doulas or other birth professionals in the Hudson Valley and NYC. This is a newly released course covering informed consent and refusal, patient rights, obstetric violence, birth trauma, and solutions related to those. If you are a Childbirth Educator providing local parent education classes in the Hudson Valley or NYC, you can hire me for a one-class session covering patient rights and informed consent/refusal in the delivery room.